Can Dry Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Favorite Outfit?
Can Dry Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Favorite Outfit?

Can Dry Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Favorite Outfit?

will dry cleaning your clothes make them last longer?

There are so many people who take dry cleaning for granted and do not give it the commendation it truly deserves. Thanks to professional dry cleaners, you can enjoy stain-free, crisply fresh, and expertly pressed clothes every time. But the question at hand is, “Can dry cleaning extend the life of your favorite outfit?” 


Short answer: a hundred times YES!


For the longer answer, continue reading ahead. But first, you must understand what dry cleaning is and know what exactly happens when you send clothes for professional dry cleaning.


What Is Dry Cleaning? 

In a nutshell, dry cleaning is the process of cleaning garments and other materials without using water. Garments are cleaned with a gentle petroleum-based solvent called ‘hydro’ or hydrocarbon. Hydro effectively dissolves oils and dirt that might be clinging to your garments without harming the underlying fabric.


Life Extension for Your Favorite Outfit

Back to the initial question; here is why dry cleaning your clothes can make them last longer:


  • It is less abrasive than laundry machines

Some clothes are especially sensitive to water immersion, as well as to the force and heat that transpires inside most commercial laundry machines. On the other hand, dry cleaning drums tumble slower and gentler, as the process doesn’t involve water. Therefore, your delicate garments experience considerably less wear and tear.


So, if you have a precious or expensive dress, suit, or even tablecloth, give it to a dry cleaner to ensure the fabric’s integrity.


  • It preserves delicate fabrics

Shrinkage, fades, and tears are indeed dreadful, but they aren’t the only way in which machine washing can damage your clothes. Utilizing a mild, gentle cleanser like hydro instead of soapy detergent and hot water would better preserve the texture as well as the color of your garments.


If you have ever witnessed a ragged and spotty silk dress or wool pullover, you have undoubtedly encountered machine-induced fabric mutilation.


  • It removes stubborn stains and spills 

Hydro is a mild solvent, but it effectively and deeply penetrates into a fabric, dissolving and removing stubborn stains, oils, and odors that diminish the value of the cloth. Consequently, your garments and linens will preserve that new and fresh look for a much lengthier time.


Expert Care for Your Favorite Clothes!

Dry cleaning your clothes can certainly extend the life of your clothes, but more than that, it will provide you more value for every dollar spent on clothing. Thus, if you are interested in hiring a professional dry cleaner service, trust in the experts at 5th Avenue EnRoute Cleaners. We are conveniently located in Mechanicsville, Ashland, and Richmond. For more convenience, benefit from our free delivery and pick-up services!

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