Dry Cleaners RVA
Comforter Cleaning Richmond VA

Comforter Cleaning Richmond VA

Comforter and Sheet Cleaning :

Price starting at $2 per pillow case, $6.99 per sheet, and $19.99 for any comforter size, if it can be dry cleaned the same return time applies.

If the comforter is filled with feathers the cleaning process is different and the return time is of 48 hours.

Designed for any person who wants to avoid the hard time of washing their comforters and bed sheets.

Sheets and pillow cases can be pressed and starched as requested. (none, light, medium or heavy starch)

Comforters are returned packed in a nice tough plastic comforter bag.

Turn around time: 2 business days laundry, same day or next business day for dry cleaning.

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