• Laundry Services


    Professional Laundry Services


    Created with you in mind; to make you look sharp on your everyday work attire, night out or social activities.

    Items are placed in hangers not folded.

    Turnaround time: 1 business day or 2 business days for starch or down(Feathers) items.


    Laundry Items :


    Shirts (none, light, medium and heavy starch)


    Lab coats


    Wash, Dry and Fold in Richmond VA :

    $1.79 per Pound

    Save money and time.

    Cheaper than actually going to the Laundromat and saves you money on your electric bill.

    Service designed to solve the problem of going to the laundromat, or for busy people and families trying to dedicate more time to their loved ones or the things they love.

    Items are washed, dried, folded and packed neatly in a special designed plastic bag. (not placed in hangers)

    From under garments, socks, towels, sheets and pillow cases (not pressed or starch used) to daily use clothes.

    Turn around time: same day or next for up to 20 pounds, next day for more than 20 pounds.


    Comforter and Sheet Cleaning in Richmond :

    Designed for any person who wants to avoid the hard time of washing their comforters pillow cases and bed sheets.

    Sheets and pillow cases can be pressed and starched as requested. (none, light, medium or heavy starch)

    Comforters are returned packed in a nice tough plastic comforter bag.

    Turn around time: 2 business days laundry, same day or next business day for dry cleaning.