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Why Overpay for Dry Cleaning

Why Overpay for Dry Cleaning

Are you over paying for dry cleaning? At 5th Avenue / EnRoute Cleaners we believe you shouldn’t have to pay the price of getting a new garment, just to clean it.
We have more than 20 years in RVA providing our customers with excellent garment care services.
Dry Cleaning, laundry, wash and fold, comforter cleaning, alterations, leather cleaning, area rug cleaning and more.

Our equipment is among the best compared to all other cleaners in Richmond.

We are NOT using PERC (a non carcinogen) in our machines, like most cleaners in town do, instead we use a more environmentally friendly fluid to clean and your clothes, without the harsh known dry cleaning smell.

Use our Dry Cleaning Savings Calculator and compare the difference in savings.

Check our dry cleaning coupons and save even more.

*Prices per store may vary. Check with each store for accurate pricing.

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