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Savings Calculator

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//console.log(jQuery(‘#js_pieces_id’).val()); jQuery(‘#js_calculate_button’).on(‘click’,function(){ var our_cost_per_garment = 4.50; var pieces = parseFloat(jQuery(‘#js_pieces_id’).val()); var total_cost_first = jQuery(‘#js_total_cost_id’).val(); var total_cost = parseFloat(total_cost_first.replace(‘$’,”)); // calculate the cost per garment based on user input var cost_per = (total_cost / pieces); if (cost_per > our_cost_per_garment){ // put the number of garments into the two corresponding boxes jQuery(‘#js-garment-number’).html(pieces); jQuery(‘#js-garment-number-2’).html(pieces); // set their cost per garment jQuery(‘#js-cost-per-garment’).html(‘$’ + cost_per.toFixed(2)); // set our cost per garment jQuery(‘#js-set-cost-per-garment’).html(‘$’ + our_cost_per_garment); // figure out our new total cost var our_total_cost = (our_cost_per_garment * pieces).toFixed(2); jQuery(‘#js-total-cost-2’).html(‘$’ + our_total_cost); // set our input total cost from user jQuery(‘#js-total-cost’).html(‘$’ + total_cost); // figure out total percentage of savings var percent_savings = (((total_cost – our_total_cost) / total_cost) * 100); jQuery(‘#js-percent-savings’).html(percent_savings.toFixed(0) + ‘%’); // calculate annual savings var annual_savings = ((total_cost – our_total_cost) * 52); jQuery(‘#js-annual-savings’).html(‘$’ + annual_savings.toFixed(2)); }else{ alert(“Oops. It looks like you’re getting a good deal on your dry cleaning! You should still give us a try anyway, we have a lot to offer!”); } });
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