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Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

We are conscious of the stressful impact businesses activities could have on Mother Nature, and understand that we have the power to contribute on a positive way to reduce it.
Is for that reason that we keep implementing changes in our daily business activities, such as:

-We are proud to announce the buying and putting in place of our Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Machines, and not only that but they leave your clothes feeling great without the nasty PERC smell.
-A common practice for other dry cleaners, is the use of tons of advertising paper in their product. We instead decided to save trees by not using promotional paper on our hangers.
-We run a hangers recycle program, of those in good condition, that customers bring back to be reuse on future services.
-We have been using the services of a licensed waste care company, for many years, to safely dispose of any liquids left off the daily processes of the normal dry cleaning production.
-All of the plastic bags we use to protect your dry cleaning clothes are made of recycled plastic.
-A recycling program is being implemented and we will recycle our wastes when ever possible.
-We continue to look for better environmental friendly practices and are always welcome to suggestions.

A lot of this practices represent savings for us, like less money spent in inventory, and for our customers it translates on better prices.
Win, win situation for You, Us and the Environment.

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