Ultimate Face Off: Dryer Sheets vs Dryer Balls
Ultimate Face Off: Dryer Sheets vs Dryer Balls

Ultimate Face Off: Dryer Sheets vs Dryer Balls

Ultimate Face Off: Dryer Sheets vs. Dryer Balls

differences between dryer sheets and dryer balls

Thanks to the countless options available in the market, doing laundry at home has become even more bothersome and arduous. A quick walk down the laundry supplies aisle is proof of how overwhelming it can get to choose a drying product while wondering whether you’re utilizing the right one for your family.


Hence, 5th Avenue EnRoute Cleaners has decided to settle the debate between dryer sheets vs dryer balls by discussing the leading differences between the two. This will help you make a more informed decision and resolve the dilemma once and for all.


Dryer Sheets vs Dryer Balls

Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh, laundered clothes taken right out of the dryer? But did you know that the way you dry your clothes (dry sheets or dry balls) can have significant effects on your garments?


To help you understand which is best for you, let’s take a look at the leading differences between dryer sheets and dryer balls:


What Is A Dryer Sheet? 

A dryer sheet is a thin, polyester, rectangular-shaped sheet coated with several chemical fragrances and fabric softeners. The friction, humidity, and hot air released during the drying cycle discharge these composites onto the fabrics. Resulting in softer, well-scented clothes as well as eliminating or reducing static cling. Below are some major pros and cons of using dryer sheets:



  • Eliminate/reduce static cling
  • Soften clothes
  • Light on the pocket
  • Easy to use
  • Work well in all sizes of laundry load



  • Non-environmental friendly
  • Most of them comprise toxic chemicals that can cause irritated skin
  • Leave residue inside the dryer
  • Can only be used once
  • Doesn’t reduce drying time
  • Can produce greasy-looking stains on garments


What Is A Dryer Ball?

A dryer ball is a chemical-free substitute to conventional dryer sheets and is typically made of either wool or plastic. Dryer balls vary in formation and size, with variations that are spiked, smooth, or creatively shaped to resemble a hedgehog, cactus, etc.


Irrespective of the appearance, every dryer ball is works in a similar manner; by incessantly isolating garments as the dryer tumbles to prevent them from clumping.



  • Reusable and can last up to 1 year
  • Eco-friendly as they’re made up of natural and sustainable materials
  • Reduce drying time by almost 25 percent
  • Reduce wrinkles and static cling



  • Make loud noises
  • Not effective with huge laundry loads
  • Wool can wear off with extended use
  • Not as effective with large loads of laundry


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